Advanced Care Products Ltd has been providing diabetes products since 1992. We try to find products which will help and/or assist in making the life of people with diabetes easier.

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There is an opinion that people suffering from type 2 diabetes could improve their health and minimize their risk of complication by regular blood testing and then discussing these results with their GPs.. Unfortunately, not all type 2 sufferers have access to free blood testing strips via the NHS.

We are hoping that information on this web site will help these people to take care of themselves better and make them aware of the various life changing complications which might develop if their diabetes is not monitored on a regular basis.

We would also like to encourage people 'at risk' from developing diabetes either because of their family history or because of their life style, to test their blood glucose periodically. Many type 2 sufferers only discover that they have diabetes when other symptoms appear. These other symptoms are usually the result of having had higher than normal blood sugar levels over several years.

We have started the exercise by choosing a range of blood testing meters which are easy to use and very small and convenient and also do not cost a great deal if regular blood glucose monitoring is not provided by the NHS.

We would appreciate any feed back on the site and it's usefulness, so please do not hesitate to email us at [email protected]

The TRUEresult® twist and TRUEOne® blood glucose meters are ideal for people who either have diabetes or who want to monitor themselves because they have a family history of maturity onset diabetes. Both meters are very small and convenient to use. The strips are reasonably priced if the consumables have to be purchased. The TRUEOne® comes as a kit with meter and strips combined - the meter being discarded after all the strips have been used.

The DVLA have recommended that people with diabetes test before they drive - the TRUEresult® and TRUEOne® meters are great for this as they are so small and easy to use.

There are more details about the meters on their individual pages or you can phone us on 01473 219 220. See contact page for office opening times.