Type 2 diabetes mellitus symptoms

Advanced Care Products and Type 2 Diabetes

Advanced Care Products Ltd has been providing diabetes products since 1992. We try to find products which will help and/or assist in making the life of people with diabetes easier.

For people with Type 2 diabetes testing their blood sugar is important if they are to avoid complication in the future.

EASY, SIMPLE TO USE ANYWHERE, ANY TIME and inexpensive the NIPRO Blood Glucose meters are ideal for people with Type 2 Diabetes or for people who just want to check their blood glucose levels for whatever reason.  



TRUEresult® Twist Just clip the meter onto a pack of strips and the meter is ready for testing. £10.00 per meter in three great colours.


TRUEone® A pack of strips and a meter all in one pack. Most suitable for people who want to check their blood glucose levels but are not registered as with diabetes. Simple and easy and only £15.00 per pack including strips and meter.